Chocolate Easter Egg

Hidden Online Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are hidden all over the web. No, we’re not talking about delicious chocolates – these Easter eggs are intentionally hidden games, jokes and messages placed into a site’s code by trickster programmers. Artists and writers have been placing hidden codes into their work for hundreds of years, but modern Easter eggs became popular […]

KIK Customs new website

KIK Customs

The Team at KIK wanted to refresh their bland and hard to update website so we produced a new site for them which was better looking and much simpler to use. Now it accurately reflects the quality of work they are well known for, rather than the impression their old site gave. You can see […]

Hits: How Idiots Track Success

If someone offers to bring thousands of visitors to your website, be wary. Who are they bringing? Like a ‘friend’ who brings everyone they know to your party, you need to be aware of who you’re inviting. I’m not suggesting that everyone who visits your website is going to trash it, but if your site […]

Green Sauce

Green Sauce

TV chef, ethical campaigner and River Cottage contributor Tim Maddams already had a site, but it was difficult to edit and consequently was rarely updated. After making contact with Tim, we agreed to exchange (a practice which we are both very fond of) a new website for cooking lessons. Here at Sensible Web Design we’re passionate about […]

Liberty Rainne

This customer had an existing Facebook page and was selling her handmade products via this, but wanted a more flexible means to promote and sell her items. We created a bespoke site for her with our e-commerce add-on and she can now list, promote and sell her beautiful handmade products very easily. The Liberty Rainne website […]