24x7 hostingThe main question we often get asked is: ‘Why do I need web hosting and what exactly is it?’

The answer is not as complicated as you might think! Much like your home computer that stores your files and folders, all website pages need a computer to store them. However, because of the vast amount of web pages there is, this computer must be of a much higher spec than your average one. It also needs an extremely powerful link to connect it to the internet, to ensure the web pages are visible to everyone online. The computer on which web pages are stored is called a web server, and the job of making all these web pages visible on the internet is called web hosting.

In short you pay a web host to store your website on one of its servers and to make your website visible online.

Here at Sensible Web Design we offer our clients reliable web hosting, at extremely competitive rates.

We monitor all of the websites we look after 24 hours a day. We also offer an around the clock personal service, so in the unlikely event a problem should arise we will immediately rectify it for you.

When updates are added to the likes of WordPress, or plugins become outdated, your website slows down due to compatibility issues and therefore is not fully functional. Problems then arise, plugins crash, links between webpages are broken and you are at serious risk of security issues.

As part of our web hosting service we constantly monitor all new updates and ensure that they are implemented immediately, this ensures your website is always responsive and that you do not lose valuable custom through downtime.

A website that runs smoothly and seamlessly leads to higher customer retention and an all-round better customer experience.

We can help you backup all your files, so should a major problem ever occur then you can easily restore your website.

Security threats are always a risk, with our website hosting you can be assured your website and your customer’s details are safe.

We can set up Google Analytics, so you can monitor statistics. This extremely useful information lets you know how many people are visiting your website and the particular products they are interested in. We also offer clients an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service, this helps drive customers from Google and other search engines to your website.

We maintain your website to ensure optimum speed, performance and search engine position.

Please contact us to discuss any of your hosting, website or email needs.

Need Help Moving Your Website to a Different Provider?

We can help you move your website to a different provider, we take care of everything including uploading your website.